KHMPC is an excellent choice for businesses and individuals who want a flexible range of accounting services. Building on strong customer service as foundational value, KHMPC works with clients across Ontario and Quebec with a focus on Ottawa and the Ottawa Valley. KHMPC‘s approach to accounting provides excellent value for cost and builds on a serious commitment to client trust and confidentiality. KHMPC delivers a wide range of accounting and business services, including:

    Business services
    • Audit, review, and accounting services
    • Corporate taxes and planning
    • Commodity and payroll tax advice
    • Mergers and acquisitions
    • Business plans
    • Business advisory
    • Cash flow projections

    Individual services
    • Personal tax preparation
    • Estate planning

The benefits of working with KHMPC

KHMPC’s commitment to customer service means peace of mind for our clients.
All of KHMPC’s clients can expect high quality and timely work delivered by a reliable team of experts, many with 20 or more years of accounting experience. All of our professional services and business processes are organized around meeting the needs and deadlines of our clients.

KHMPC provides exceptional value at reasonable cost.
Not all accounting firms provide equal value for the cost. KHMPC focuses on building customer loyalty by providing exceptional value for a reasonable price. We work with our clients to build long-term relationships based on meeting their specific needs in cost-effective ways.

KHMPC keeps service costs low and client responsiveness high with an investment in technology.
KHMPC is fully automated in all of our services. We use modern information technology and business processes to streamline client service. We also provide our clients with simple and flexible ways to reach us by phone, fax, online and in person.

KHMPC helps your organization grow with business advice and consulting.
Some people only talk to their accountants at tax time, but KHMPC provides business advice, support, and information to help organizations grow and prosper. We provide assurance and business advisory services to profit and not-for-profit organizations such as health centres, sport associations, condominium corporations, foundations, community programs, and childcare centres.

KHMPC delivers excellent tax advice to ensure the best possible result.
Whether serving businesses or individuals, KHMPC excels at providing tax advice. We look at all the possibilities for tax minimization or deferral to ensure the best possible result.

KHMPC gains your confidence through hard, intelligent work and we protect your confidentiality.
At KHMPC, we work with our clients to build confidence and trust in our business expertise, services, and advice. We respect our clients’ rights to confidentiality. We show our commitment by working with our clients, whatever their current needs may be.